Rho Chi Chapter Legacy 2014 – 2019

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1. Anthony David Moreno – Borderline
2. Rueben Romane Valentine – I.R.S.
3. Nathan Shane little – Waterworks

The days were beginning to grow weary, the people fearful as the prophecy was fulfilling itself. Illness spread rapidly and the people began to panic as rumors that a war was about to unleash a wrath never experienced before by Man. As the battlefield turned into a chaotic blood bath and the temple which housed the light and secrets of the people seemed to be lost, the dust began to settle during the late hours of the night and behold a sight to see. 2 warriors were left to defend their native land and preserve their culture, back to back fought off the likes of 2000 men and accomplished a feat that no man would dare attempt. They are legends and they are forever honored because they were truly RULERS OF THE UNFORGIVING NIGHT!

Fall ’14
1. Michael Gilmore – Concuss1on
2. Martez Taylor – NyQuil