Rho Chi Chapter Legacy 2008 – 2013

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There seemed to have been a shortage of PRINCELY MEN, so a search for the next chosen ones began. The Pharaohs knew the exact character that the men must possess, so the chosen few had to pass every test. The Pharaohs searched high and low for men, but they only looked for those who encompassed the genuine INTRINSIC QUALITIES THAT ARE DEVELOPED DEEP WITHIN. After a year of searching the deficiency of worthy men became clear, for there was only one that OUT OF THE NIGHT appeared. The Pharaohs sent the lone man on a journey that included tasks that proved to be almost too much for just one. After fighting the ICE COLD conditions of the night and the BURNING SANDS of the day he was relieved to know his mission was almost done. Although the young one didn’t know what was to come next, he did know that the Elder Pharaohs knew best. The Pharaohs looked upon him with pride, their ILLUSTRIOUS CREATION, as he walked into his destiny…ICEsolation.

1. Thomas C. Sargent – Mr. Postman

By 526 BC, the Twenty-sixth dynasty had lost all power and was soon invaded by the Persians. To ensure the survival traditions and culture of a nation, the priests disguised four men as Immortals to safeguard such information. As time passed under Persian reign, two were unable to bear this great PAIN, and thus only two would remain. Their mission was to return one day with the teachings written in Black & ‘Ole Gold. Then OUT OF THE NIGHT…BLACK AS A PIT FROM POLE TO POLE, emerged Two PrICEless Protectors of The Golden Scroll

1. Christopher J. Hoffman – GrimACE
2. Travis A. Dennison – Déjà Vu

A score had passed since the first steps were etched into the burning sands of the land were quality is valued over the false beliefs of quantity. While the sun was at its highest, and the opposition to the Black and Gold Kingdom was growing ever strong, The Priceless Protectors of the Golden Scroll had to embark on a journey to locate a group of men to carry on the legacy of the Black and Ole Gold. Although many men seemed like they were ready to take on this monumental task; only three were able to withstand the training of the wise men from the tombs of the ancient secrets. Although their intelligence impressed the elders that had come many years before them; it was the witnessing of men unacquainted developing a brotherly bond that was stronger than any other ever seen before, that truly showed they we’re indeed the ones to carry the aims of Manly Deeds, Scholarship, and Love for All Mankind. These three men have now engineered a force that has brought them to a level of royalty. Only honor and glory could be spoken from the sands as these three men now stand as the Three Ancient Pharaohs of the Eternal Sands.

1. Christopher McKinney – Conphucius
2. Benjamin Goodley – Test2Phi
3. Aterrell Willis – Phinal Cut

During a dark time in the Golden Kingdom, the Ancient Pharaohs were struggling to maintain peace within the city. Legend has it that the Elders declared it was time to bring new life to guard the kingdom before each Pharaoh vanished. All hope seemed lost when the Elders discovered a rebellious uprising deep underground in the caves that were frozen and forgotten. Out of the abyss, seven men were chosen to fulfill the destiny. COLD, alone and frightened, three men emerged as warriors for being the only ones to reach the surface. The Elder’s unorthodox methods of training pushed the warriors to the edge forcing them to become stronger, and after years of living in the cold, the desert heat was more deadly than they had imagined. Beaten, bruised and pale, the three warriors finally crossed the burning sands and reached the Golden Kingdom. To mark the end of their journey, the first Step of the Legacy appeared and anointed them underground Kings who had now been PHROZEN N TIME…

1. Dimitri Lamont Mitchell – XXXPLOSIVE
2. Thomas Corlen Robertson – CLOCKWORK
3. Alex Winston Estwick – PRIM3TIM3

At the end of the Age, the empire ran amuck with savages and barbarians alike. Pillars crumbled, tombs were robed. Everything of Good Will was no more. Sensing the end, The Pharaohs of the Eternal sands devised a plot to rid the world and start anew. Through ancient teachings, they crafted a group of men using sands from the forgotten pyramids of the East, who would soon come to know each other as brothers. From creation, these men would on-go a journey of much wisdom and preparation with the aid of the Elders. In time, the hidden power among each of the men was unleashed. Stronger than any of the Four Winds, they were. When bonded, the Empire crumbled under their feet; all was turned to Ice by their touch. The Pharaohs knew the time had come for the brothers to cleanse the world of its impurities, and they would soon come to know them as the Forces of Calamity….

1. Darius Matthew Danner – Chop’d N Screw’d
2. ?? – 2 Critical
3. Xavier Stylez Coffey – Tr3ble
4. Taveon Isheem Garner- Enco4e
5. Nichalos Allen Britton – Fracture