Rho Chi Chapter Legacy 2002 – 2007

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During the year of The Three Rays of the Golden Light, the time had come to break the silence of the night. Excitement filled the temple but many were turned away. Their wisdom was lacking, they were asked to leave the gates. Those that entered started upon their quest, struggling through the dessert bloodied and near death. Elders from all over came to teach and be amused. Test after test and challenge after challenge, as Weeks turned to Months the travelers could not stand it. Echoes of terror as the nights drew long, Gate Keepers in the shadows, emerging only to move them along. Enduring scorching temperatures they struggled across the sands. Led by Hyperion there emerged from the desert lands, Four Conquerors of the Golden Sands.

1. Joshua J. Clemons – Sic-N-Shut’N
2. Tino R. Lightbourne – Batter Up
3. Donald W. Monroe III – Clueless
4. George A. Thomas III – Da Truf

As another year of glorious Alpha is burned in the eternal scrolls of time, the elders began to grow weary with age. The elders decided the eternal flame of Alpha needed to be rekindled. Apprentices from lands far, far away gathered at the chance to hold the eternal flame of Alpha. There were many cold nights when these young apprentices feared they could not travel the path less taken. Finally, on one cold dark night, at the city gates where the streets are Black and Ole’ Gold, emerged Six Pharaohs of the Unbroken Kingdom.

1. Vince A. Averette – Be Easy
2. Joel R. Milliner – Master Splinter
3. Theodore E. Washington – Emotional
4. Andrew S. King – Fragile
5. Matthew L. Gray – Run & Tell
6. Jonathan J. Fowler – Scuba Steve

Thirsting for an unattainable oasis in the midst of the desert the two weary survivors traveled on through the darkness. Enduring the torture of the blistering sun on the burning hot sands they dared not rest in the midst of the shade for fear of failure. Instead they pressed onward till alas they heard the songs of jubilation and saw on the horizon a light held oh so high. Finally the Two Soul Survivors Of The Ancient Curse had arrived.

1. Ronald C. Walbrook – Mr.Bigg’s
2. Alden S. King – Dark-Nus

After the curse had been broken and the end of the year drew nigh, the Elders began their search for the most noblest of men to hold the name high. Many had aspired to join this great company of Men; they embarked on their journey with no vision of the distant land. No heart or determination was found in most of these men, so the trials of their future journey, they could not stand. Appearing with no knowledge they came bearing gifts. This angered the Elders; most were banished because of this. Alone in euphoria one continued the quest, armed with MANY WORDS, he studied the scripts. With courage unparallel he journeyed across the burning sands, until one Cold Black Night, arose with attitude, One Soldier of Solitude.

1. Paul L. Jobson – Excuses

As one hundred years of excellence drew near, many looked upon this new era with great fear. The Pharaohs studied with great care as they needed the skills of princely men in the upcoming centennial year. Many made attempts, but only a few men were chosen. Their task was not easy, as only four were frozen. Together these men journeyed long and hard for the Golden Light, and they claimed it on a freezing ice cold night. As the crowd cheered at what seemed a mere probate show, they realized not, the temperature, an ICE COLD Four Degrees Below Zero.

1. James M. Brandon- Timber
2. Alexander T. Lamar – Shell Shocked
3. Daniel J. Holder – Bambo
4. Calvin W. Myrie – R&B