Rho Chi Chapter Legacy 1996 – 2001

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Afterwards, forces unknown to the land of Alpha began to collect and build around the Kingdom. Within the great hall of King Tut a plan was discussed to defend this ancient and most secret land. However, there were none who dwelled in the land who had the experience and knowledge to draft a suitable plan. Many came to the gate hoping to prove so worthy, but the mighty Sphinx ever so wise chose only one to be truly frozen. Without remorse a great chill froze all that attempted to pass except One in an Ice Cold Million who transcended the kingdom.

1. David L. Hutchinson – Geritol

In less than a year, the forces surrounding the city had been defeated and the time to spread the light to the rest of the world was near. A search began to find a group of men that was worthy of such a task. Rumors spread throughout the land of three men that were willing to devote their lives to such a mission. Upon receiving word of these rumors, the elders stated that the men must be wise, full of strength and determined, letting nothing stand in their way. The demands saddened the heart of one of the three men and there was left the Duality of Perseverance.

1. Ronald G. Harper – Conscience
2. Timothy Kirkland – Catfish

By now the light of Alpha had encompassed the world, there was peace and tranquility among all, and everyone marveled at such a grand and glorious sight. Tribes of men came from far and near, hoping their skills and trades would be of use to the Elders. As word of this reached those in opposition to the clan, jealousy began to grow in the lands surrounding the Kingdom. Evil forces scrutinized some aspirants for betraying their allegiance and ridiculed others for their desires to join the clan. The Elders, angered by the disturbance, sent a decree that no forces foreign to the Land of Alpha would be allowed to infiltrate the city walls. In response to the decree, the Two Imperial Protectors of Golden Gaza were dispersed to secure the entrance to the Kingdom of Alpha.

1. Frederick Owens – Black Sheep
2. Mark Hall -Handy Man

As the year two-thousand drew near, many looked upon this new era with great fear. The world was changing with each day and night, but the House of Alpha needed be kept locked tight. With this task at hand, the Elders met and deliberated for 7 days and 7 nights. Guided by the Mighty Sphinx, they summoned the most highly skilled men in all the land. Many aspirants came from near and afar desperately seeking to gain a peek at the precious Land. However, only a few possessed the tools to conquer the task at hand. Together these men journeyed long and hard for the Golden Light, and they claimed it on an ice cold 38-degree night. The Elders led the Six Warriors of the Raging Millennium to the pit of the UC, unmasking them for the entire world to see.

1. Larry A. Wilson – No Limit
2. Alvin M. Mayers – Liar Liar
3. Paul A. Jones – Not 2 Nite
4. William G. Richardson – Mr. T
5. Keith C. Smith – Bruh Man
6. Michael E. Wilson – Slow Poke

During the year the S.W.O.R.M kept a watchful eye over the land, the time was growing near for entrusting only worthy men the secrets of their clan. The Elders studied by day and worked by night discussing to whom was deserving of this great plight. Many appeared at the gates of the Land, most unprepared possessing no plan. The men selected studied every day and by candle at night learning the sacred history of the Land. Thereafter, with the passing of many cold black nights, appeared in the sky the Three Rays of the Golden Light.

1. Nicholas Walker – JungleBook
2. Marcus J. Merriweather- Mo’ Drama
3. Brandon L. Williams – Slim Shady