Rho Chi Chapter Legacy 1990 – 1995

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Before our arrival there was the prehistoric man making only miniature strives toward the civilized ideals of Alpha. But in the year One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety-One, all beheld a sight so grand for there appeared Eight Steps in the Sand.

1. Jayson E. Wilson – Not Yet
2. Kuniki C. Lockett – Repeat
3. Jon-Anthony C. Phillips -Babyface
4. Maxwell E. Wade – Too Slow
5. John C. Wesley – Stake Out
6. Martin L. Crawford – History
7. John R. Habimana – Burger a.k.a. Roots
8. Barrett K. Daniels – Cuz

These men of Alpha inscribed their precepts within the four corners of Egypt, to be guarded by the mighty Sphinx of Giza. Yet and still, before the dawn of another calendar year, the clan felt incomplete, so on a later date arose One the Hard Way.

1. Kenneth S. King – GQ

The clan was chartered to spread the mighty light and so they did for 7 days and 7 nights. But, with this task came a glorious fight for there were some that tried to dim this powerful light. So they fought with all there might against the dark forces of the night and soon decided to unleash the deadly Six Guardians of the Light.

1. Daniel W. Vaughn – Snoppy
2. Donald R. Kennedy – Rits
3. Tyrone Quarles – Wise Guy
4. Dwayne Caines – Dooty
5. Titus Kirkland – Beaker
6. Jerome Guice – Disciple

Now that the land of Egypt had been secured, the time had come to conquer other threats that lurk in the shadows of the west. For a feat as great as this, there was compiled a great list. However, none proved so worthy and able as the Eight Knights of the Ole Gold Table.

1. Edward Woods III – Slappy
2. Maurice P. Webb – Da Da Man
3. Shawn G. Crockwell – Frankenstein
4. Shawn A. Payne – Dr. Giggles
5. Wayne Caines – X Lax
6. Kirk E. Allen – Right Guard
7. Michael R. White – AKA
8. Hubert Thompson – Toby

Upon the Knights return to Egypt land, there reigned an era of prosperity for all to enjoy, and a calendar year passed without an echo resounding in any community and the princely men had not been recognized. Soon whispers begin to appear that the elders of the clan were needed beyond the gates of the land to keep the mighty light circling the earth. But before their journey into the world, they conspired to teach six men in the ways of the Alpha. The elders lead them into the most mystical tunnels within the great pyramids, and enslaved them until all the scrolls had been read. And there they dwell to draft a magnificence kingdom that would transcend all ahead. Afterwards, a House of Alpha was erected. And these great men were granted their freedom…these Six Architects of the Ice Cold Kingdom.

1. Torrance L. Gordon – Cheese
2. Lloyd C. Henry – On Point
3. Darrell Quarles – Shucky Docky
4. Kenneth F. Smith – Crack
5. Anthony L. Edwards – Weasel
6. Che J. McNichos – Thing

These neophytes carried the light of world for all to see, until the time arose to add another branch to the family tree. And so the echo was given and some came forth to transcend these sands drafted by the original seven. However, many trials and tribulations ensued such that it shook the foundations of this Ice Cold kingdom. But out of the turmoil and confusion, came one so skilled in Sphinxman verse he was proclaimed the Keeper of the Golden Universe.

1. Walter M. Campbell – Beach